Harsha Kikkeri

Harsha Kikkeri is the founder and CEO of HoloSuit. He has invented and patented HoloSuit – which is a disruptive wearable technology which acts as Universal Simulator, Universal Manipulator and Universal Navigator.

He is a pioneer in Robotics and Artificial General Intelligence who talks have been featured on TedX. His specialty is in building co-working robots for Industry 4.0 which could mimic humans by just observation.

He had a rich experience at Microsoft Robotics on building Autonomous Robots, Motion Tracking, Drones, Navigation, Manipulation and Computer Vision. He headed Advanced Research at Suitable Tech on Telepresence Robots. He has developed 17 feet robot which was demonstrated at CES. His robot was used in Kaun Banega Crorepathi, TedX by Google CEO, President Obama and Prime Minister Modi. Worked extensively on Audio and Video Signal Processing and Compression at Microsoft Research.

When Hon Prime Minister Modi had visited Silicon Valley in 2016, he brought a quadriplegic person from 3500 miles away to the Santa Clara convention center using his telepresence robot. He shook hands with Hon PM Modi using His Suit controlled Hanuman Bot. https://youtu.be/lPMKUcPhhUI

He has 40+ patents in the field of Robotics, AI, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality. He was awarded Gold Star by Microsoft, Bharat Petroleum Scholarship and both his companies won Govt. of Karnataka Elevate Startup Challenge in 2018 and 2019. Virtualize Skilling using HoloSuit Hire a Million, Skill a Billion.