Board Members

Dr. Satya Prakash Panda

Over the past 24 years GIET University, Gunupur has achieved many milestones and moving towards fulfilling its vision of transforming the lives of the people by providing comprehensive and qualitative education globally. One man’s sleepless efforts and vision has made this possible; it all started from scratch by Prof. (Dr) Satya Prakash Panda, the venerable founder chairman of the Gandhi Group of Institutions. He is a visionary and an inveterate academician, dared to establish his flagship institution GIET at Gunupur, the tribal hinterland of Odisha, which has acted as the growth engine for this ever-neglected part of the country, leaving an example for others to follow. Recipient of several awards for his services to the nation, Dr. Panda is a humble Gandhian educationalist, philanthropist, social worker who believes and practices excellence in all facets of life. The founder of the legendary Gandhi Group is a multifaceted personality with exceptional qualities as a person as well as scholar. He is the man of intellectual integrity and humanism, a Gandhian, edu-entrepreneur, a human administrator, an ardent advocate, a social worker, a friend to the needy with an open mind and big heart. He has played each of his roles of life with immaculate perfection. A great inspirer and a warm personality have brought colors of rainbow in to the lives of millions.

Dr. Chandra Dhwaj Panda

We live in a world that is driven intensely by knowledge where literally and figuratively, Knowledge is Power. Exercising this power with diligence and dynamism is a formidable task and requires a mindset that is a combination of wisdom and professionalism; which truly reflects in Dr. Chandradhwaj Panda who is co-founder of the legendary Gandhi Group (Owned by VBET) and is an iconic figure in the technical education in eastern India.

Dr. Panda is characterized by a judicious blend of the values of our ancient wisdom and the rapidly changing concepts in technology and management. That makes his personality ‘a unique’ amongst hundreds and thousands.

Dr. Panda, a scholar of Economics; an adorable professor; a friend to a common man, an excellent motivator and inspiration for thousands, beholds the capacity to leading the mind from Knowledge to Wisdom.