Er. Santosh G.

Er. Santosh G. I love to dig into customer problems and solve them with emerging technology. I create, scale and optimize product portfolios that matter. To accomplish this, I focus on key results, build amazing teams and quickly adapt to new insights.

Over the last decade, first as Vice President and, since 2010, as CEO, I have brought my executive and technical leadership to bear shepherding enterprises through successive growth stages, reaching and exceeding milestones and generating tremendous value along the way.

On the outside, my efforts are reflected in various positions as an industry leader creating elegant solutions to solve complex problems in ways that put us above other organisations. Having demonstrated the potential of leveraging the human-centered design and agile development methodologies to provide innovative digital products, I have overseen the creation of hundreds of transformational products that boast both elegant form and forward-looking function.

Founder, CEO, and partner of various profit and the not-for-profit entities that were born with the vision of leading the growth of SMEs globally and the mission of developing an innovative way to unlock the potential of SMEs globally. In the last year, we have become the fastest growing SMEs community in India and now spreading wings across 90+ countries.

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Reach out if you want to talk to me about emerging tech, creating software products, services, go-to-market strategies, innovation, incubation and product management, Software as a Service (SaaS).

I'm on a journey to ensure that diversity and inclusion within the workforce directly mirrors the diversity of the population we care for every single day. We are doing this through our Womenomics in Action/Future of Education - global initiatives.

We are on a mission to empower 10000SMEs and 10000WIBs (Women in Businesses) globally through our #Brand10000SMEs & #Brand10000WCombinator mission by 2025. We wish to leverage our role as a leading enabling organisation and team up with likeminded to boost impact start-ups working to make a difference. We see this as a part of how we can support a sustainable development in the countries of our focus and beyond.

Domain Knowledge

Enterprise Resource Planning I Small Business Software I Opensource I Digital Marketing I Digital Advertising I IT Management Software I IT Software and Hardware I FinTech I InsureTech I CleanTech I RegTech I Emerging Technology I Industry 4.0