26th October 2022 - Launch of i2B - Innovation Out of Box Community

Here we go......Launching "i2b' a ACIC GIETU FOUNDATION initiative to foster innovation, technology among the student community across Odisha state.

This platform will give aspiring tech enthusiasts the opportunity to explore various emerging technologies and have the opportunity to

work with the best minds from tech industries not only India but globally.

We will present to you – learning opportunities, guidance, networking with like-minded individuals and organizations, and sharing of ideas.

This is the platform exclusively "of the students", "by the students", "for the students".

Thank you, Dr.N.V.J. Rao for unveiling the logo and supporting us with this initiative.

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GIET University Gunupur

Sunil M Ponneth

Sunil David

Arjan Goudsblom

Esha Chopra

Neha Bahl

Nir Netzer

André Moraes Santos

Maria Lima Toivanen

Venkata "Serish" Gandikota

Harsha K.

Agnishwar Jayaprakash

Rashmi Ranjan Sahu

lopa mishra jana