10th December 2022 - "Biomass as Twenty-first Century Feedstock"

It was a pleasure hosting Prof Mahendra Kumar Mohanty from Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology at ACIC GIET UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION.

Mr. Mohanty delivered the talk on “Biomass as Twenty-first Century Feedstock" to students at School of Agriculture science to get the exposure for students in the field of renewable energy.

We had 40 enthusiast students who attended the session and had great learning experience in understanding the practical application of Biomass and how this is going to help the renewable industry in future.

Mr. Mohanty also did the honors to facilitate 30 students with Internship certificate who completed “Community-based Internship Program” provided by Shubham Bio CNG Pvt. Limited.

Thank you, Sir, for your time and your presence. We look forward for more such sessions from you in future.